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Srabanti Chatterjee biography, hot photo pictures

Srabanti Chatterjee is a Bengali actress. She is commmonly known as Srahbanti. Srahbanti works in west Bengal in kolkata She stared her career when she was a little girl with the movie of Mayar Badhon. Her first flim was Champion which is relesed in 2013, before that she worked few of telefilms for ETV Bangla. After a long time she again appread in the flim indutris with the movie of Bhalobasha Bhalobasha in 2008. Bhalobasha Bhalobasha. was superhit, since that she is still working in flim with great popularity.

Full name : Srabanti Chatterjee Born Kolkata, India.

Nationallity : Indian

Occupation Actress Years active 1998–present

Height 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)

Some popular Filmography are listed below of Srabanti Chatterjee

Wanted : This film was directed by Rabi Kinagi, Produced by Eskay Movies, Release dates 30 April 2010

Josh Josh film was the same as wanted Ravi Kinagi, Produced by Shrikant Mohta, Release date 30 July 2010

Shedin dekha Hoyechilo  This film was directed by Sujit Mondal, Produced by Srikanta Mehta, Release date 24 December 2010

Fighter Fighter was directed by Rabi Kinagi, Produced by IOU FLIMS(JEET), Release date 7 January 2011.

Bindaas : This movie was directed by Rajiv Kumar Biswas, Produced by Shrikanta Mohta, Release date 25 July 2014.

Bhalobasa Bhalobasa: This was directed by Rabi Kinagi, produced by Ashoke Kumar Dhanuka, Release date 2 October 2008

Below are some beautiful photos of Srabanti Chatterjee for the visitors.

Srabanti Chatterjee photo

Srabanti Chatterjee photo

Srabanti Chatterjee photo

Srabanti Chatterjee hot photo

Srabanti Chatterjee hot photo
Srabanti Chatterjee hot photo
Srabanti Chatterjee beautiful photo

Srabanti Chatterjee beautiful photo

Srabanti Chatterjee nice photo
Srabanti Chatterjee nice photo


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11 things you should never do after break up

Love is a emotional thing, it makes the brain to emotional. There are many reasons which make the body emotion when you fail in love with anyone. It comes from the demand of yours or to find a partner or sometimes it comes from the emotion. You may fail in love someone with emotion and the attraction of her/his. But remember one thing that emotion never be a love. Love comes from heart not in attraction or emotion. But at the age of this digital world we could see the love comes in each other without knowing them self properly, it maybe from to see each other or in social network sites. These types of things become common in case of love now-a-days. But does the love stay forever? I think sometime it may stay but so many time it does not because probably the misunderstanding of both or there's could be other reasons. Misunderstanding come when someone don't know each other very well and there are many reason behind the break up even the strongest relation may fail into break up. There are many things we do when it happens to us but the things that i will be sharing with you which you should not do after a break up.

Don't hurt your own body: Yeah, you got the hurt in your heart. But why you should heart yourself ? I don't know to tell this to get any benefit. There's probably no one who will follow such advice from any person when it happens i meant break up. You should remember this tip after a break up that never hurt yourself. It will not help you any way. If you can not sleep then i will suggest you to go to doctor to get suggestion on how to sleep during this time. You may take sleep medicine to take sleep during this time but remember that don't eat too much sleep medicine for the hurt in your heart. You may think about it to take too much. But be ware of it to not take too much medicine of sleep.

Let to go: Who goes from your life, she/he never was yours. But if she/he goes for the situation of the reality or anything which she/he don't have the control on their hands then i think it's okay because it's the situation they she/he faced with any reality which they have zero power to control on them self. Take it as easily, never try abuse herself/himself in this type of situation because she/he still loves you, if you do any bad behave with her/him. Is that will good ? Specially in the case of zero power to control them self  to make the relation alive. But when it comes to cheating then let her/him to go because cheating on relationship never be a true love so, let's to go him/her. So, it's very good idea to leave him/her when it comes to break up the relationship on cheating way. Don't try to get back into the relation when it's cheat once time. She/he probably cheat with you once more time. Remember this thing. So, find out someone who really love you and want to stay with yourself in your bad times and good times.

Tell it to anywhere,everyone: There's eighty % people who don't care about the problems of others. And others 15% probably will glad on problems of yours and others will probably accept your problems. Don't tell your problems in anywhere or to anybody who don't seem very trustworthy. There's probably less people in your life who will not care about the problems that you have. Rather they may get glad of yours problems and tell you something in the joker way which you may not handle and it never helps you in mentality and physical, it probably make you damage. So, tell someone or some people whom you really trust and believe they will stand in your way of problems which may get manage some support from them. In this type of situation for anyone needs support rather joking activities from others. So, Tell someone or some people about your problems whom you will probably get the sufficient support. You should remember that never share your relationship break up problems in front of the public on the social networking site like Facebook, twitter, G+. There's probably no one will care about the things that you've rather they will take it as negatively or jokingly. So, Does it good for you ? Of course never.

 Tell badmouth about him/her to others: Are you doing so ? Stop bad mouthing right now! If you're doing so, you're disrespecting him/her to your friends or others, if by chance he/she again came back into your life, what will happen then, if she/he knows about you told badmouth or you talked about on bad character to others. she/he will might be gone again from your life. Don't try to disrespect her/him to your friend's, No body knows that your break up can be again into relation. So, be sure what are you talking about your ex to your friends, family or others

Make friendship after break up : It won't help you to move forward from your area, if you make friendship after break up. Now-a-days we can see after break up people make friendship, It never help you in any position because several country people has a lot different mindset, So  Other country like Europe counties people can adjust with it and they probably don't face any problem to make friendship after break up but in the other countries like Asia, In Asian people have different mindset to Europe countries. However, I would suggest all of you from anywhere to not make friendship after break up because instead of normal, it makes to emotional weakened. There are also so many reasons to not make friendship after break up like it won't help you to forget him/her because you're in friendship that's mean you're always with him/her which will not help you to forget your ex.Just keep in mind that try to forget everything about ex which will probably give you better life.

You do crime after relation break up: Relation break up, So what? There's many reasons a relation can be break up. She/he may cheat with you or there's could be other reasons like she/he break up the relation for facing the reality problems. There are many people who thought to take revenge for break up the relation with ex, we saw many times to happen it and many crime channel from India are  telecasting this type of show of their crime programme, but does this type of activity solve problem?No, these are activities will make more problems, If you ever think to do it with your ex. Should you give her acid ? or do with her other crime and get arrest by police as well as stay jail for long time. Never do any crime, Crime activities will surely hell life.Rather think about different way and try to forget

Read this : How to forget ex girlfriend 

Don't try to remind the past :  This is the most important point to forget him/her quickly. I knew it's tough but not impossible, If you try to find out the past that you did with her/him then it will never help you rather it gives you more ton of disappoint. Don't try to go the place after relation break where you went with your soul, Don't read SMS which you got from her/him rather delete the SMS which are related to her/him. You may delete the number, by this you can not able to call her/him at any means. You can delete her/him from the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.  Keep in mind that don't try to remember the past things at any means.

You keep yourself away from family, friends and closed one's: It should not be to keep away yourself from your close peoples. Keep away yourself makes the mental alone, it did not create to think in differently which you need at the time of break up. Stay connect with the close peoples and talking to them, share activities, gossip, talking about things that you recently done not about the fact of  love, talking to family member with freely and frequently, these are activities definitely make you to think in differently which is strongly need at the moment of breakup.  Not keep yourself in silent mode, if it happens then it will probably remind her/him by any means which will kill yourself in mentally and it really tough to refresh and come back from the unfortunate fact.

Take drug to forget her/him: It seems good idea to take drug after the break up to forget. These type of activities are absolutely false. To take drug to forget her/him will never help you to forget her rather it will damage your life in many way. By this point of way, you have the chance to become a drug addicted which is never good for any life in socially, family and of course physically. Keep away from drug, don't take drug to such type of thing that will never help you to forget ex. When you break up, you need to forget her in mentally,physically and communication way.

Don't keep yourself unclean:  It's sound weird here, But there are many times we forget about our cleanness when break up happens with someone. We don't care about our cleanness rather we busy all the day to think more about the love. At this moment, you will not have to like anything to do for yourself but keep in mind that you should overcome the frustration by any means, i knew it's tough but not impossible. Take a lot of time for yourself, clean yourself, keep well your body. Cleanness keep your brain to do the right guideline. Trust me, it will be easy for you to follow this article tips during relation breakup.

Don't go another relationship quickly : Relation breakup, You're going to get another to show her/him that guys are waiting for you to make relationship with you or You want to forget the past relation. Never do such things. You get cheated once time, you may get cheat more times, if you do such things rather be serious, take time for going on another relation with someone. Be true, be honest and then go with reality. Don't take any decision to make relation in quickly after the breakup.

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What boys want to hear from their girlfriend

Who does not want to hear praise ? And it's very good feeling to hear the praises from his girlfriend. Boys love to hear some praise talk. Boys want to hear some things that they never share the things with their girlfriend what they want to hear. He wants that his girl friend understand the matters that he wants to hear. I will be sharing with you some points that boys are wanting to hear from girl friend. If you do such type of things then you can able to make him more trust on you,more emotional on you, more and more love on you.

Use the words of Boy friend when you introduce him with others 

Every Boy wants to hear the words of Boy friend when you're introducing him with others people. There are many boys who want to hear this little words. It actually shows the love thing that you love him a lot. In my case, my girl friend did such type of things which i really like and want to hear this many times. I never tell her this, i think she probably loves to introduce myself with others people as her boyfriend. There are many times we can see the boys are not happy at her girlfriend. If you feel that your boyfriend are not happy at you, you may apply this trick to make him happy. Or if you want to make him happy, do this little thing. Yes, there are probably many boys who can be the opposite.

Do praise: I asked a question above who does not love to hear praise ? Yes, I think every one. Don't you get any praise? Yes, of course you get! Just think the moment what you feel by hearing some praise on you. Yes, definitely it's like very good feeling, If you do this little trick with your boy friend then he will definitely happy with that. But keep in mind, keep praising which are logical to him and believable. See him, he will really happy and the love of his at you will be more.

Afraid of losing him: Everyone afraid of losing her boyfriend. It probably for everyone.  But it's the reality. It happened for human. Both the boy and girl afraid of this. If you tell him, you're afraid of losing himself, he will be very happy on this, because he thought that you have a lot love on him. It probably automatically happen for the love which are truly one's but there are many girlfriends who does not share this with his boyfriend though she loves him with her heart. But it's not the right thing to do. You should share this kind of thing with your boyfriend to make the relationship more strong and to make him more and more love on you. If you want to make your boyfriend happy, it's a good thing to implement this little trick.

Support him : It's very important to support both male and female. Boys want to get support from his girlfriend. Even if he fails in any activities, in that case he hopes to get support from his soul. Keep trust on your boyfriend and support what he does and not. Support in a good way. It makes him stay away from himself in the disappoint time. Support him/tell him what you do is right and you will definitely get success in your life later. Others can do the things, why don't you can ? You of course can. This type of things you may tell him in failure time. You can give him tips like stay on hard working, passion, love on your work, believe yourself all the time that you can do anything. Just remember that support himself in bad time and good time.

Boyfriend wants to see good herself in the eyes of his friends

It probably for all the boyfriend wants to see herself good in the eyes of his friends. So, Never behave such type of things which are like bad behave or activities even definitely with his friends. You should never talk such type of stupid things which are bad, objectionable, unaccepted and many more which can show you, you're the bad one or behave.

You're the most caring people about me : There are thousands of boyfriend who love their girl friend with heartily. Those guys want to care their girlfriend with heartily, lovingly, passionately. They do these for their real heart love. They want to make the girlfriend stay in good way all the times, they never do which are bad activities, if he gets the real result by hearing you on he's the best of caring herself, then who does not happy to hear good things by their real activities result ?   I know there are many girls who do this because they really get caring things from boyfriend but those who don't have this habit to tell her boyfriend even they get really caring things, you're missing something to make your boyfriend happy.

He loves you even when she makes faults: Tell this little trick to make him happy. It automatically comes in general way to quarrel each others, He may anger when you're making mistakes/faults. But the reality thing is whatever you do with him, he loves you very much when it comes to true love. You have to understand the matter of true. Be careful, be intelligent on this. Understand the situation like what did you do with him ? Why he became anger ?  You should think about others what will others do with your activities ? Try to understand the mistakes ? Remember, Quarrel comes when both have the quarrel mentality. So, try to understand what's your mistakes. Never tell your boyfriend anything this period which are not acceptable rather be sure what you tell and stop talking some matters. True loves stay always in love. It does not matter to him what you did with him because he loves you. So, tell this you're the one who loves me when I make mistakes.

Face on little make up : There are many countries which has very beautiful girls and I can tell it easily for some countries So, You may don't need to make up in your face to presence yourself in front of your boyfriend but every country is not the same things. Some countries girls want to make them clear face and presence herself with the over make up on her face. Just do the opposite, be natural and your face probably good and wear good dress up when you present yourself. He will of course tell you from his heart something like You're looking good or your dress make you more beautiful. You definitely tell him something on it like my beauty comes more when you praise of it. He loves to hear this.

He is one of the top person who make you happy: If he tries to make you all the time, which you can feel, don't hesitate to tell this that he makes you happy.

You're the best one after my father: There are so many girls who see their father as idol for them self. You may tell him you're the one very important trust person, the best persons after my father. Boy friend are doing anything for their real love like they are caring more about her, they try to make their girl friend happy all time. They do anything which is the good for their girlfriend. Which probably has one person do in all life for her is her father. Fathers are very care about their child whatever she/he. But girls feel safe with his father. So, To make him happy by telling this trick will be great to him because he probably wants to get the positive comment about what he has done for you.

Tell him Thank you : He will definitely ask you why thank? What's the reason for giving him Thanks. Just tell your boyfriend that I thanked you for the gift of yourself that you gave me. You're one of the best and top gift of my life and I am very much happy to get the gift than any other thing in my whole life. My whole success and achievement could not be the same as the gift that I got you.

You look handsome: Who does not want to be handsome, smart, perfect? It gives the man special kind of thing. Smartness is really great for everyone. Handsome, smart boys are really attractive than the normal one. Boys are really wanted to make himself  handsome, attractive that will people tell them you're looking good or you're very smart. If you're the person who he loved, then who will not be happy by hearing from the soul of his life. 

Some phrase that you may use to make your boyfriend happy. But remember if there's any point which matched to you, then I will suggest you to use them. However, above are the enough and effective information which definitely will help you to make him happy and understand you what your boyfriend want to hear from your self.

You're so busy but you make time for myself. You're become so happy at my happiness. Your voice just grab my whole mind to hear words from you all the times, If true thing then tell it to make him happy. I need to talk to you before I go to sleep. You remember myself all of times which others may not do,If you feel this is true, then use this. You showed me how to live a life in perfect way when I am disappointing to anythings. You showed me how to struggle in life to get the best out of the competitors. You are very good thinker which help you to understand what i want which i don't share with you. You are the best one who can handle the situation of misunderstanding and make my self on the right way. Your mind is truly pure and clean. By whom I can understand what's life and love. Would you marry me ?


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10 foods that keep the liver clean and good

Liver is the important element of our body. The liver is responsible for our body's metabolic functions. So, To keep liver good we must be conscious. Let's go to know that which foods help us to keep our liver fresh and healthy.

1. Grapefruit: This fruit has full of Vitamin C and Anti-Oxidant, which help to clean the liver naturally. If you drink a glass Grapefruit juice increases the amount of enzyme detoxification, which help to free to the body's Carcinogen  toxins.

2: Carrots: Carrots has the beta-carotene in highly. It helps to improve your all piece of liver.

3. Garlic:  A piece of garlic will help you to increase your body's enzyme. Which has the capacity to make you free from toxins. Without this, garlic has plenty of amount selenium. These type of element of nature help to keep the liver clean.

4: Green vegetables: Green vegetables help to make liver clean, fresh and healthy. You can eat this green vegetables by cooking or make juice. It has the element to free blood toxins. It's acceptable for all the diseases to cured of the body's. Green vegetables plays an important role to protect the liver.

5: Oliver oil: This element is made by Olive and flax. It's very beneficial for liver. It removes the bad toxins on the body. This oil is very beneficial for many bad pain of the body. Remove the body of toxic substances, it makes free from pain of the body. 

6: Apple: Apple has pectin in highly, which help to remove bad elements of the body. And make free from toxins. For this reason, liver can work in right way. 

7. green tea: Anti-Oxidant rich green tea. There is a type of material called catechins . Which help the liver problems. Green tea is not only interesting to eat but it also help the diet. It's the best thing to eat for diet. So, you may use one or tow glass of green tea in a day to make your liver fresh, clean as well as your healthy body.

8. Yellow:  The most preferred food of liver is yellow. Yellow helps you to make liver clean.

9. Cabbage: Cabbage  has a lot of amount enzymes. Which removes liver toxins. Try eating curry cabbage and soup.

10: Lemon: Lemon  has a lot of vitamin C. Drinking water make your body improve, lemon juice has the same effectiveness. Drink a glass of lemon juice in the morning will help you to clean liver. It also helps to reduce abdominal fat.

To clean your liver, maintain above foods. If you have any questions on the topic feel free to ask me via comments. I would love to hear your question and try to answer you time to time Thank you so much for reading my post


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Bangladeshi celebrities verified Facebook IDs

Facebook become very popular in Bangladesh in recent years. All of the people in Bangladesh

are using Facebook who can read and write and have a Internet access connection device.

In recent years huge peoples of Bangladesh are using Facebook that's the reason Bangladesh

celebrities are making Facebook IDs to get followers. But There are bad people who made

fake celebrities Facebook IDs and do with them by using Facebook unwanted/unexpected activities

Some people believe that the Facebook IDs has real and the celebrity is behaving bad with the

followers which makes the celebrity in the followers eyes bad. And The celebrities become bad

in the eyes of followers. This type of activities are consistently happening. For this reason, Facebook

recently Launce verified system to the facebook IDs to get the original Man/women. To make verify a account of

facebook id, you must have to need some security things like national Id card/Driving licence/past port etc. which is make sure that the account is the right person. If a celebrity have Facebook Id.He/she can verify Facebook Id by using national Id card/Driving licence/past port etc. There are many Bangladeshi celebrities who

verified their Facebook id to ensure that the people will not go on a wrong Id and got some bullshit and hateful

activities from the Id. Here are some of the official verified Facebook Ids Of Bangladeshi Celebrities like cricketer/actress/model etc and more

You may don't like a celebrity but others may like that celebrity, I just give all the celebrities ids which has collected to my

hand. and i mixed all the celebrities IDs Here in this post. If you don't have any interest in any celebrities here in Bangladesh, Just ignore the link of the celebrity Pages.

Cricketer Verified Facebook Fan Pages 

Shakib Al Hasan : Facebook Official Fan page of SHAKIB AL HASAN 

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza: Facebook Official Fan page of Mashrafe Bin Mortaz

Mushfiqur Rahim : Facebook Official Fan Page Of Mushfiqur Rahim 

Tamim Iqbal: Facebook Official Fan page Of Tamim Iqbal 

 Tamim Iqbal Fan page was not verified yet. So, You can not see the verified option of his page 

Taskin Ahmed: Facebook Official Fan page of Takin Ahmed 

Mustafizur Rahman: Facebook Official Fan page of Mustafizur Rahman 

Soumya Sarkar: Facebook Official Fan Page of Soumya Sarkar 

Sabbir Rahman: Facebook Official Fan Page Of Sabbir Rahman 

Nasir Hossain : Facebook Official Fan page of Nasir Hossain  

Rubel Hossain : Facebook Official Fan page of Rubel Hossain 

Others Celebrities Facebook fan page are listed below 

Ananta Jalil: Ananta Jalil is the most modern actor in Bangladesh 

Shakib Khan : Bangladeshi top leading actor and King of of the Dollywood 

Apu Biswas: Facebook Fan Page Of  Apu Biswas 

Pori Moni: Pori Moni is the most beautiful actress in Bangladesh 

Read: Pori Moni Bangladeshi actress and model biography and photos 

Mahiya Mahi: Mahiya Mahi is the most beautiful and famous actress 

Read: Mahiya Mahi actress actress biography and photos

Hridoy Khan: Bangladeshi Popular singer Hridoy Khan verified fan page 

Tahsan: Bangladeshi popular actor Tahsan facebook fan page 

Anisul Haque: Anisul Haque Facebook verified fan page 

Arnob: Facebook verified page of Arnob 

Asif Akbar: Asif was the popular singer in Bangladesh

Bappa Mazumder: Bappa Mazumder verified facebook fan page 

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim: Bangladeshi beautiful and popular actress in recent time

Kona: Bangladeshi popular singer fan page 

Mila: Mila is the hot looking singer from Bangladeshi

Naila Nayem: Naila Nayem is the new face of hot model 

Nusraat Faria: Nusraat Faria is the most beautiful actress 

Porshi: Porshi is a popular singer and her fan page 

Sajeeb Wajed Joy: Sajeeb Wajed Joy is the son of present prime minister Sheik Hasina Of Bangladesh 

Muhammad Yunus: Professor Muhammad Younus 

Mostafa Sarwar Farooki: Mostafa Sarwar Farooki 

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal: A great writer from Bangladesh 

Dr. Imran H Sarker: Imran H sarker is a well known person from Bangladesh 

Farhana Nisho: Fahana Nisho facebook fan page 

Habib Wahid: Habib wahid is a musician 

Hanif Sanket: Hanif Sanket facebook fan page 

Shykh Seraj: Shykh Seraj facebook fan page 

This is the list i have on my hand. I think, there are so many celebrities Ids. If you have any celebrity ids. You may post ids links below in the comment box. I will add these links in this post.If you like this post and if you think that this post will help the others people or your friends, relatives etc then please share this post with other people via Social networking site. Thanks for reading this post.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

8 easy effective tips to make your wife happy

husband and wife is must need to live in the earth. Male and female make the relationship of husband wife by getting married. Both of them start a new life with the hopes of live happily. But most of the time husband forget to make happy his wife. There are many reasons to not to make his wife happy. One of the most factor, husband cannot make their wife happy for busy time. They cannot give his wife enough time. However, if you make your wife happy then the relationship will not be ending in divorce. Here are some tips to make your wife happy in short time.

How to make wife wife

Take your wife hands or Hug wife from behind

You are probably thinking that this point will talk about the emotional matter. Actually it's almost not something like that. In this busier world after working you reached the home, your wife probably busy with her chores, if you hug her from behind. She will surely happy, she might tell you that what you're doing with me or something like that.

Praise your Wife

Who does not love to hear praise for them self? Everyone love it to hear.Praise your wife frequently. She is the best women in your life. She is the most beautiful women in the world, if she is the inspiration of your success, never forget to tell her that you're the inspiration for my success. She will of course happy by hearing praise from you.

Hold of your wife hands while walking outside

Sometimes, husband forget it to do. But it's not the right. You must hold her hands in the road. Most of the women expect it from her husband. Secure is important for people but for the girls it needs more. Don't make her think about she is insecure with you rather make her feel that she is secure with you, hold of your wife hands, make her feel more secure on you. So, don't forget to do the little thing.

Help in her chores 

You may be busy with business or other activity.Take sometime to help her chores. Most of the people don't do it due to busy activities. But if you take just half hour or one hour or very little time to help her chores like to make cook for her, clean the room, clean bed, take and keep in good way her needful things like cosmetics, lipstick, or others chores which she forget to do. She will definitely happy you, if you do such type of things for her. If you're busy men and lazy to do home chores, i don't talk about to do chores frequently just help in her chores once a week or if you feel, she is angry or unhappy at you then this point is really good to make your happy.

Say thanks for nothing 

Say thanks for no specific reasons at any time, she will of course ask you why thanked me ? You just tell her that i thanked you for the gift of yourself, it's the biggest gift for me, i know it may automatically come to your mind when you're truly getting something from her. but this point is to make remember better. Every life is different so, i believe that there's so many things can happen in your life, you may forget it, you may did not have such words in your heart dictionary, if your truly wan to make wife happy. So, Are you waiting for ? If she near with you or little distance with you in a cool, good situation then tell her thank and describe the reasons to thank.   

Hold of your wife hands while sleeping at night 

 Just hold her hand while sleeping at night. She will definitely happy to sleep at the night of your touch. A good night will happy her in the next day. So it's a easy thing to do this step as well as women feels insecure when there's no one with them for trusty. You better hold her hands when you're sleeping at the night even you may hold hands in the outside at any time. Above i mentioned one point to hold her hands while walking, women feels more better when there's someone to secure them. So, implement this trick to make your wife happy.

Send SMS or Love quotes

Most of the people i meant husband stay away from his wife for works. She will miss you just send her romantic or love SMS. Most of the women in the world are happy to see those SMS. Send romantic, emotional SMS to her mobile in missing time. If you live in outside of your home for a long time for many reasons like job, business or something like that you can write emotionally, love letter to her. Keep remember, there's no deep love without communication, if you communicate with sweets words, romantic, love words in missing moments, she will of course happy to get such type of activities from her soulmate.

Take time to date at night 

 Most of the men cannot give time for their wife. Most of the men cannot keep time for night date due to various reasons. They mostly busy for this reasons with their works or others activities. If you don't keep time for date at the night for your wife, she will not be happy to not get you for the whole day. Just keep time for your wife at the night to date. No matter how busy you are. She will definitely happy to get you at the night to date.

Try to make your wife because she is your life partner. As much as you can make her happy. Your life will be more beautiful, enjoyable.

Thanks for reading this post. If you like this post then share it on social media sites like facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

5 Ways to make a better relationship

Love is the golden gift for human life. The world still alive for this. However, there are many peoples who just mistake. In this world there are many peoples who have frequently break the relation with anyone. They probably think that Love is not for me or i cannot make relationship with people blah! blah! blah! But most of the cases this is not like that. Love is a beautiful gift for everyone but for many people it does not a beautiful thing i mean due to the wrong activities it become a bad thing for many people around the world. I am just writing a post on How to make a better relation with peoples around the world or with your love.

Why does a relation become bad? 

      You have lack of communication: 

           You have lack of Understanding.

           You have lack of Respect. 

           You have lack of Friendship. 

           You have lack of  Love. 

          You and she both of you lack of time spending. 


Keep Communication

Communication is the key thing to make a better relationship. Yes, If you don't have a better communication. You cannot make a better relationship. Because it helps to stay connect with each other

Make a better friendship

It's a good thing to make friends with your love. Best friends are normally honest and freely. This type of friends trust one another and share their secrets. To make a better friendship. It needs time. However, there are many step to make a better friendship. You probably have lots of best fiends.

Show Respect or Do Respect

Who does not love to get respect from others. Specially, it's high demand when it comes for a gentle man. Try to show respect. If you feel that you need to tell Apologize then tell it. It helps to solve big problems. So, some words like "sorry" "forgive me" are good for solving big problems


Understanding is the another key fact to make a better relationship. It's a good attitude to know each other very well. Try to know what does she/he wants to get from you. And what does she/he likes. If both of you have the understanding, No one will harm your relationship. Because, both of you trust each other and believe as well as you have better understanding.


 Love is a life. I already mentioned above that The world is still alive for love. Love is the best gift for human in life. Love is a beautiful matter that it's helps to make in all forms of a good relationship. However, i talked above but if you have deeply love with each other then it really gives you enjoyable life. It will be a tough thing to remove you or break up the relationship in any seasons. If you make mistake with your heart soul, you feel bad after mistaking or wrong behavior. If the love is true, She/he cannot stay away from you for a long time. You both definitely come to each other and probably apologize for the wrong behavior or mistake.

Hope, this post will help you to make a better relationship.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

7 types of women is liked by men as life partner

Every man wants to get a perfect wife in life. But all man in the world are not same. several man has several attitude. Some men don't care about the characteristics of wife. But almost all the men in the world are searching women who has their requirement of their demand. So, In this blog at AllBDYOUTH.COM I am sharing with you 7 types of women every men wants as life partner.

Beautiful women

Everyone love beautiful things. When it comes to choice  women, there is high possibility chance to choice a beautiful women for a man as a life partner. But in this present world there are many people who don't only like the beauty of a girl. Women needs some qualities to get choice by the men's.

Women who are educated

It's a common thing in our society that "Give an educated mother, mother will give you an educated nation". So, Men like women who are educated persons. because an educated mother can build up her children better than the uneducated mother's. An educated mother can also importance for the future of the children, without this, educated mother can understand the good and bad situation of her husband more than the uneducated mothers. She may also lead the family with her husband in same or proper way which may bring the family happiness. Educated life partner makes a family more beautify, interesting, happy. Some way uneducated mother has the opposite of the educated mother.

Women who has well behaved

 Do you think that a good quality and gentle man can like quarrel activities for no reasons. There are many women in the society who always quarrel with others. This type of attitude hates by almost every man, every man wants their life partner as a cool and well behaved with others. Without this, people like well behaved persons. So, as women if you think that you quarrel without knowing yourself so, immediately, Stop behaving this habit!

Pious women 

 Every family has the effect of pious activity. When it comes to the gentle society, pious women liked by almost everyone.So, Men likes pious women as their life partner.

Women who has the intelligence activity 

 Most of the women has lack of talent or i called intelligent. There are many women who act like silly in various conditions. Most of the men wants to see talent in their life partner. Women lack intelligent is hated by men.

Women who respect men

 Most of the gentle men wants to get the respect from others. This type of mental attitude is high When it comes from a life partner. Every men wants their life partner to respect him. Most of the gentle or maybe others type of men are looking for women who can treat well with him. This type of women is liked by almost all the men's.

Clearly mention almost all things

 Some women never want to tell almost all thing directly with her husband: Husband loves to hear directly rather indirectly. Yes, sometimes it can be but not good always for the women to tell indirectly. Specially business men faces problems with this attitude women who always try to tell indirectly.

Girls are more likely to find the quality of the man in getting engaged with any person. But Boys also love to see some qualities of the girl that he wants to married. Now-a-days boys not like the beauty of girl but also want some qualities, if you don't have some qualities in mind or mentally, Men might not like you as a life partner. But some of the men might not find the qualities, but in the case of educated, intelligence and established men are likely to find the qualities of their life partner.

If you have any question about this post. You may feel free to ask me. If you like this post you can share this with your friends, family or others via social networking sites. Thanks for reading this post.