Sunday, March 29, 2015

6 Tips to forget Ex Girlfriend or Ex Boyfriend quickly

Love is a beautiful gift for everyone. There are many types of love we can say, One is mother and son love other father and his son or daughter and other is nature love or country love and the final is Girl and boy love that we called girlfriend or boyfriend. It's a good for many as well as it's not good for many peoples due to break up the relation. There are many reasons behind the relation break up. It might misunderstanding, cheating, lies to girl or to boy or other but the important thing is after the relation break up both of them cannot forget the memories during the relation. It's a hard thing to forget the past for ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. So in this article of ALL BD YOUTH.COM will give you 6 tips to forget your Ex girlfriend or Ex boyfriend.

Keep yourself in busy activities

Don't keep yourself alone, at this moment, it will not help you to forget your Ex boyfriend or Ex girlfriend. Just keep yourself in busy activities, If you don't have any works. You can read books, Play sports, Music but not emotional songs. Gossip with friends or Neighbours

You can go for a travel

When your relation break up, you might think that world is nothing but at this moment for you. But you know what why you feel like this ? Because you lost someone who was your own heart, at this moment you will not like anything and it makes you feel bad but there're many thing you may apply in your life when it happens to you. One of the thing is travelling,  traveling will make you feel better. And it also help to gain new knowledge which can help you to fresh you mind and brain. Go for travelling in a good and natural places but remember, don't go any place alone or empty person in the place. It will be better if you take trustful friends, funny friends which can able to fun at any things at any time, which are free minded peoples, family members or others who can able to make you feel better.

Don't go the place where you gone with ex most of the time

Just forget the place where you gone with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. Never go the places you spend most of the time during your relation with ex boyfriend or girlfriend. It makes you to remember the past with deeply, it's a good idea to stop going the places you spend time with Ex GF or BF.

Spend your time with friends, family or cousins

 Spend lots of time with close friends, family members or cousins. But don't spend time who will remember you the past. Just keep away from them self who will try to remember you the moment of your past time with your girlfriend you spend.

Take care of yourself

It's a good idea to take care of yourself, Don't be disappoint, it will never help you. At this moment to keep away from disappoint, you may help peoples without anything. Try to make yourself beautiful by thinking differently.  

Stop remembering the past with your Ex

 Stop remembering the past activities with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. If you really want to forget the past activities then you must remove all the sms, text, you may remove mobile number, remove from Facebook friends list, if you have. Just keep engaged yourself with busy mentality.

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  1. Hi Romjan, Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog. This is a great post. Most anyone who has gone through a breakup knows what they should and shouldn't do but it is hard.

    Thanks for sharing the suggestions in print.