Wednesday, April 15, 2015

5 Ways to make a better relationship

Love is the golden gift for human life. The world still alive for this. However, there are many peoples who just mistake. In this world there are many peoples who have frequently break the relation with anyone. They probably think that Love is not for me or i cannot make relationship with people blah! blah! blah! But most of the cases this is not like that. Love is a beautiful gift for everyone but for many people it does not a beautiful thing i mean due to the wrong activities it become a bad thing for many people around the world. I am just writing a post on How to make a better relation with peoples around the world or with your love.

Why does a relation become bad? 

      You have lack of communication: 

           You have lack of Understanding.

           You have lack of Respect. 

           You have lack of Friendship. 

           You have lack of  Love. 

          You and she both of you lack of time spending. 


Keep Communication

Communication is the key thing to make a better relationship. Yes, If you don't have a better communication. You cannot make a better relationship. Because it helps to stay connect with each other

Make a better friendship

It's a good thing to make friends with your love. Best friends are normally honest and freely. This type of friends trust one another and share their secrets. To make a better friendship. It needs time. However, there are many step to make a better friendship. You probably have lots of best fiends.

Show Respect or Do Respect

Who does not love to get respect from others. Specially, it's high demand when it comes for a gentle man. Try to show respect. If you feel that you need to tell Apologize then tell it. It helps to solve big problems. So, some words like "sorry" "forgive me" are good for solving big problems


Understanding is the another key fact to make a better relationship. It's a good attitude to know each other very well. Try to know what does she/he wants to get from you. And what does she/he likes. If both of you have the understanding, No one will harm your relationship. Because, both of you trust each other and believe as well as you have better understanding.


 Love is a life. I already mentioned above that The world is still alive for love. Love is the best gift for human in life. Love is a beautiful matter that it's helps to make in all forms of a good relationship. However, i talked above but if you have deeply love with each other then it really gives you enjoyable life. It will be a tough thing to remove you or break up the relationship in any seasons. If you make mistake with your heart soul, you feel bad after mistaking or wrong behavior. If the love is true, She/he cannot stay away from you for a long time. You both definitely come to each other and probably apologize for the wrong behavior or mistake.

Hope, this post will help you to make a better relationship.


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