Tuesday, April 21, 2015

8 easy effective tips to make your wife happy

husband and wife is must need to live in the earth. Male and female make the relationship of husband wife by getting married. Both of them start a new life with the hopes of live happily. But most of the time husband forget to make happy his wife. There are many reasons to not to make his wife happy. One of the most factor, husband cannot make their wife happy for busy time. They cannot give his wife enough time. However, if you make your wife happy then the relationship will not be ending in divorce. Here are some tips to make your wife happy in short time.

How to make wife wife

Take your wife hands or Hug wife from behind

You are probably thinking that this point will talk about the emotional matter. Actually it's almost not something like that. In this busier world after working you reached the home, your wife probably busy with her chores, if you hug her from behind. She will surely happy, she might tell you that what you're doing with me or something like that.

Praise your Wife

Who does not love to hear praise for them self? Everyone love it to hear.Praise your wife frequently. She is the best women in your life. She is the most beautiful women in the world, if she is the inspiration of your success, never forget to tell her that you're the inspiration for my success. She will of course happy by hearing praise from you.

Hold of your wife hands while walking outside

Sometimes, husband forget it to do. But it's not the right. You must hold her hands in the road. Most of the women expect it from her husband. Secure is important for people but for the girls it needs more. Don't make her think about she is insecure with you rather make her feel that she is secure with you, hold of your wife hands, make her feel more secure on you. So, don't forget to do the little thing.

Help in her chores 

You may be busy with business or other activity.Take sometime to help her chores. Most of the people don't do it due to busy activities. But if you take just half hour or one hour or very little time to help her chores like to make cook for her, clean the room, clean bed, take and keep in good way her needful things like cosmetics, lipstick, or others chores which she forget to do. She will definitely happy you, if you do such type of things for her. If you're busy men and lazy to do home chores, i don't talk about to do chores frequently just help in her chores once a week or if you feel, she is angry or unhappy at you then this point is really good to make your happy.

Say thanks for nothing 

Say thanks for no specific reasons at any time, she will of course ask you why thanked me ? You just tell her that i thanked you for the gift of yourself, it's the biggest gift for me, i know it may automatically come to your mind when you're truly getting something from her. but this point is to make remember better. Every life is different so, i believe that there's so many things can happen in your life, you may forget it, you may did not have such words in your heart dictionary, if your truly wan to make wife happy. So, Are you waiting for ? If she near with you or little distance with you in a cool, good situation then tell her thank and describe the reasons to thank.   

Hold of your wife hands while sleeping at night 

 Just hold her hand while sleeping at night. She will definitely happy to sleep at the night of your touch. A good night will happy her in the next day. So it's a easy thing to do this step as well as women feels insecure when there's no one with them for trusty. You better hold her hands when you're sleeping at the night even you may hold hands in the outside at any time. Above i mentioned one point to hold her hands while walking, women feels more better when there's someone to secure them. So, implement this trick to make your wife happy.

Send SMS or Love quotes

Most of the people i meant husband stay away from his wife for works. She will miss you just send her romantic or love SMS. Most of the women in the world are happy to see those SMS. Send romantic, emotional SMS to her mobile in missing time. If you live in outside of your home for a long time for many reasons like job, business or something like that you can write emotionally, love letter to her. Keep remember, there's no deep love without communication, if you communicate with sweets words, romantic, love words in missing moments, she will of course happy to get such type of activities from her soulmate.

Take time to date at night 

 Most of the men cannot give time for their wife. Most of the men cannot keep time for night date due to various reasons. They mostly busy for this reasons with their works or others activities. If you don't keep time for date at the night for your wife, she will not be happy to not get you for the whole day. Just keep time for your wife at the night to date. No matter how busy you are. She will definitely happy to get you at the night to date.

Try to make your wife because she is your life partner. As much as you can make her happy. Your life will be more beautiful, enjoyable.

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  1. Hello Romjan,

    I just dropped by and found that this is a beautiful post you came up with, and it covers a topic which has gradually lost its importance. All of us are so busy with our life, so much so that we don't even have time for people we love. I hope your post will help many people, especially men to know what to do to keep their beloved always happy.

    Have a great day!