Friday, October 16, 2015

10 foods that keep the liver clean and good

Liver is the important element of our body. The liver is responsible for our body's metabolic functions. So, To keep liver good we must be conscious. Let's go to know that which foods help us to keep our liver fresh and healthy.

1. Grapefruit: This fruit has full of Vitamin C and Anti-Oxidant, which help to clean the liver naturally. If you drink a glass Grapefruit juice increases the amount of enzyme detoxification, which help to free to the body's Carcinogen  toxins.

2: Carrots: Carrots has the beta-carotene in highly. It helps to improve your all piece of liver.

3. Garlic:  A piece of garlic will help you to increase your body's enzyme. Which has the capacity to make you free from toxins. Without this, garlic has plenty of amount selenium. These type of element of nature help to keep the liver clean.

4: Green vegetables: Green vegetables help to make liver clean, fresh and healthy. You can eat this green vegetables by cooking or make juice. It has the element to free blood toxins. It's acceptable for all the diseases to cured of the body's. Green vegetables plays an important role to protect the liver.

5: Oliver oil: This element is made by Olive and flax. It's very beneficial for liver. It removes the bad toxins on the body. This oil is very beneficial for many bad pain of the body. Remove the body of toxic substances, it makes free from pain of the body. 

6: Apple: Apple has pectin in highly, which help to remove bad elements of the body. And make free from toxins. For this reason, liver can work in right way. 

7. green tea: Anti-Oxidant rich green tea. There is a type of material called catechins . Which help the liver problems. Green tea is not only interesting to eat but it also help the diet. It's the best thing to eat for diet. So, you may use one or tow glass of green tea in a day to make your liver fresh, clean as well as your healthy body.

8. Yellow:  The most preferred food of liver is yellow. Yellow helps you to make liver clean.

9. Cabbage: Cabbage  has a lot of amount enzymes. Which removes liver toxins. Try eating curry cabbage and soup.

10: Lemon: Lemon  has a lot of vitamin C. Drinking water make your body improve, lemon juice has the same effectiveness. Drink a glass of lemon juice in the morning will help you to clean liver. It also helps to reduce abdominal fat.

To clean your liver, maintain above foods. If you have any questions on the topic feel free to ask me via comments. I would love to hear your question and try to answer you time to time Thank you so much for reading my post


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