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11 things you should never do after break up

Love is a emotional thing, it makes the brain to emotional. There are many reasons which make the body emotion when you fail in love with anyone. It comes from the demand of yours or to find a partner or sometimes it comes from the emotion. You may fail in love someone with emotion and the attraction of her/his. But remember one thing that emotion never be a love. Love comes from heart not in attraction or emotion. But at the age of this digital world we could see the love comes in each other without knowing them self properly, it maybe from to see each other or in social network sites. These types of things become common in case of love now-a-days. But does the love stay forever? I think sometime it may stay but so many time it does not because probably the misunderstanding of both or there's could be other reasons. Misunderstanding come when someone don't know each other very well and there are many reason behind the break up even the strongest relation may fail into break up. There are many things we do when it happens to us but the things that i will be sharing with you which you should not do after a break up.

Don't hurt your own body: Yeah, you got the hurt in your heart. But why you should heart yourself ? I don't know to tell this to get any benefit. There's probably no one who will follow such advice from any person when it happens i meant break up. You should remember this tip after a break up that never hurt yourself. It will not help you any way. If you can not sleep then i will suggest you to go to doctor to get suggestion on how to sleep during this time. You may take sleep medicine to take sleep during this time but remember that don't eat too much sleep medicine for the hurt in your heart. You may think about it to take too much. But be ware of it to not take too much medicine of sleep.

Let to go: Who goes from your life, she/he never was yours. But if she/he goes for the situation of the reality or anything which she/he don't have the control on their hands then i think it's okay because it's the situation they she/he faced with any reality which they have zero power to control on them self. Take it as easily, never try abuse herself/himself in this type of situation because she/he still loves you, if you do any bad behave with her/him. Is that will good ? Specially in the case of zero power to control them self  to make the relation alive. But when it comes to cheating then let her/him to go because cheating on relationship never be a true love so, let's to go him/her. So, it's very good idea to leave him/her when it comes to break up the relationship on cheating way. Don't try to get back into the relation when it's cheat once time. She/he probably cheat with you once more time. Remember this thing. So, find out someone who really love you and want to stay with yourself in your bad times and good times.

Tell it to anywhere,everyone: There's eighty % people who don't care about the problems of others. And others 15% probably will glad on problems of yours and others will probably accept your problems. Don't tell your problems in anywhere or to anybody who don't seem very trustworthy. There's probably less people in your life who will not care about the problems that you have. Rather they may get glad of yours problems and tell you something in the joker way which you may not handle and it never helps you in mentality and physical, it probably make you damage. So, tell someone or some people whom you really trust and believe they will stand in your way of problems which may get manage some support from them. In this type of situation for anyone needs support rather joking activities from others. So, Tell someone or some people about your problems whom you will probably get the sufficient support. You should remember that never share your relationship break up problems in front of the public on the social networking site like Facebook, twitter, G+. There's probably no one will care about the things that you've rather they will take it as negatively or jokingly. So, Does it good for you ? Of course never.

 Tell badmouth about him/her to others: Are you doing so ? Stop bad mouthing right now! If you're doing so, you're disrespecting him/her to your friends or others, if by chance he/she again came back into your life, what will happen then, if she/he knows about you told badmouth or you talked about on bad character to others. she/he will might be gone again from your life. Don't try to disrespect her/him to your friend's, No body knows that your break up can be again into relation. So, be sure what are you talking about your ex to your friends, family or others

Make friendship after break up : It won't help you to move forward from your area, if you make friendship after break up. Now-a-days we can see after break up people make friendship, It never help you in any position because several country people has a lot different mindset, So  Other country like Europe counties people can adjust with it and they probably don't face any problem to make friendship after break up but in the other countries like Asia, In Asian people have different mindset to Europe countries. However, I would suggest all of you from anywhere to not make friendship after break up because instead of normal, it makes to emotional weakened. There are also so many reasons to not make friendship after break up like it won't help you to forget him/her because you're in friendship that's mean you're always with him/her which will not help you to forget your ex.Just keep in mind that try to forget everything about ex which will probably give you better life.

You do crime after relation break up: Relation break up, So what? There's many reasons a relation can be break up. She/he may cheat with you or there's could be other reasons like she/he break up the relation for facing the reality problems. There are many people who thought to take revenge for break up the relation with ex, we saw many times to happen it and many crime channel from India are  telecasting this type of show of their crime programme, but does this type of activity solve problem?No, these are activities will make more problems, If you ever think to do it with your ex. Should you give her acid ? or do with her other crime and get arrest by police as well as stay jail for long time. Never do any crime, Crime activities will surely hell life.Rather think about different way and try to forget

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Don't try to remind the past :  This is the most important point to forget him/her quickly. I knew it's tough but not impossible, If you try to find out the past that you did with her/him then it will never help you rather it gives you more ton of disappoint. Don't try to go the place after relation break where you went with your soul, Don't read SMS which you got from her/him rather delete the SMS which are related to her/him. You may delete the number, by this you can not able to call her/him at any means. You can delete her/him from the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.  Keep in mind that don't try to remember the past things at any means.

You keep yourself away from family, friends and closed one's: It should not be to keep away yourself from your close peoples. Keep away yourself makes the mental alone, it did not create to think in differently which you need at the time of break up. Stay connect with the close peoples and talking to them, share activities, gossip, talking about things that you recently done not about the fact of  love, talking to family member with freely and frequently, these are activities definitely make you to think in differently which is strongly need at the moment of breakup.  Not keep yourself in silent mode, if it happens then it will probably remind her/him by any means which will kill yourself in mentally and it really tough to refresh and come back from the unfortunate fact.

Take drug to forget her/him: It seems good idea to take drug after the break up to forget. These type of activities are absolutely false. To take drug to forget her/him will never help you to forget her rather it will damage your life in many way. By this point of way, you have the chance to become a drug addicted which is never good for any life in socially, family and of course physically. Keep away from drug, don't take drug to such type of thing that will never help you to forget ex. When you break up, you need to forget her in mentally,physically and communication way.

Don't keep yourself unclean:  It's sound weird here, But there are many times we forget about our cleanness when break up happens with someone. We don't care about our cleanness rather we busy all the day to think more about the love. At this moment, you will not have to like anything to do for yourself but keep in mind that you should overcome the frustration by any means, i knew it's tough but not impossible. Take a lot of time for yourself, clean yourself, keep well your body. Cleanness keep your brain to do the right guideline. Trust me, it will be easy for you to follow this article tips during relation breakup.

Don't go another relationship quickly : Relation breakup, You're going to get another to show her/him that guys are waiting for you to make relationship with you or You want to forget the past relation. Never do such things. You get cheated once time, you may get cheat more times, if you do such things rather be serious, take time for going on another relation with someone. Be true, be honest and then go with reality. Don't take any decision to make relation in quickly after the breakup.

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