Monday, November 2, 2015

What boys want to hear from their girlfriend

Who does not want to hear praise ? And it's very good feeling to hear the praises from his girlfriend. Boys love to hear some praise talk. Boys want to hear some things that they never share the things with their girlfriend what they want to hear. He wants that his girl friend understand the matters that he wants to hear. I will be sharing with you some points that boys are wanting to hear from girl friend. If you do such type of things then you can able to make him more trust on you,more emotional on you, more and more love on you.

Use the words of Boy friend when you introduce him with others 

Every Boy wants to hear the words of Boy friend when you're introducing him with others people. There are many boys who want to hear this little words. It actually shows the love thing that you love him a lot. In my case, my girl friend did such type of things which i really like and want to hear this many times. I never tell her this, i think she probably loves to introduce myself with others people as her boyfriend. There are many times we can see the boys are not happy at her girlfriend. If you feel that your boyfriend are not happy at you, you may apply this trick to make him happy. Or if you want to make him happy, do this little thing. Yes, there are probably many boys who can be the opposite.

Do praise: I asked a question above who does not love to hear praise ? Yes, I think every one. Don't you get any praise? Yes, of course you get! Just think the moment what you feel by hearing some praise on you. Yes, definitely it's like very good feeling, If you do this little trick with your boy friend then he will definitely happy with that. But keep in mind, keep praising which are logical to him and believable. See him, he will really happy and the love of his at you will be more.

Afraid of losing him: Everyone afraid of losing her boyfriend. It probably for everyone.  But it's the reality. It happened for human. Both the boy and girl afraid of this. If you tell him, you're afraid of losing himself, he will be very happy on this, because he thought that you have a lot love on him. It probably automatically happen for the love which are truly one's but there are many girlfriends who does not share this with his boyfriend though she loves him with her heart. But it's not the right thing to do. You should share this kind of thing with your boyfriend to make the relationship more strong and to make him more and more love on you. If you want to make your boyfriend happy, it's a good thing to implement this little trick.

Support him : It's very important to support both male and female. Boys want to get support from his girlfriend. Even if he fails in any activities, in that case he hopes to get support from his soul. Keep trust on your boyfriend and support what he does and not. Support in a good way. It makes him stay away from himself in the disappoint time. Support him/tell him what you do is right and you will definitely get success in your life later. Others can do the things, why don't you can ? You of course can. This type of things you may tell him in failure time. You can give him tips like stay on hard working, passion, love on your work, believe yourself all the time that you can do anything. Just remember that support himself in bad time and good time.

Boyfriend wants to see good herself in the eyes of his friends

It probably for all the boyfriend wants to see herself good in the eyes of his friends. So, Never behave such type of things which are like bad behave or activities even definitely with his friends. You should never talk such type of stupid things which are bad, objectionable, unaccepted and many more which can show you, you're the bad one or behave.

You're the most caring people about me : There are thousands of boyfriend who love their girl friend with heartily. Those guys want to care their girlfriend with heartily, lovingly, passionately. They do these for their real heart love. They want to make the girlfriend stay in good way all the times, they never do which are bad activities, if he gets the real result by hearing you on he's the best of caring herself, then who does not happy to hear good things by their real activities result ?   I know there are many girls who do this because they really get caring things from boyfriend but those who don't have this habit to tell her boyfriend even they get really caring things, you're missing something to make your boyfriend happy.

He loves you even when she makes faults: Tell this little trick to make him happy. It automatically comes in general way to quarrel each others, He may anger when you're making mistakes/faults. But the reality thing is whatever you do with him, he loves you very much when it comes to true love. You have to understand the matter of true. Be careful, be intelligent on this. Understand the situation like what did you do with him ? Why he became anger ?  You should think about others what will others do with your activities ? Try to understand the mistakes ? Remember, Quarrel comes when both have the quarrel mentality. So, try to understand what's your mistakes. Never tell your boyfriend anything this period which are not acceptable rather be sure what you tell and stop talking some matters. True loves stay always in love. It does not matter to him what you did with him because he loves you. So, tell this you're the one who loves me when I make mistakes.

Face on little make up : There are many countries which has very beautiful girls and I can tell it easily for some countries So, You may don't need to make up in your face to presence yourself in front of your boyfriend but every country is not the same things. Some countries girls want to make them clear face and presence herself with the over make up on her face. Just do the opposite, be natural and your face probably good and wear good dress up when you present yourself. He will of course tell you from his heart something like You're looking good or your dress make you more beautiful. You definitely tell him something on it like my beauty comes more when you praise of it. He loves to hear this.

He is one of the top person who make you happy: If he tries to make you all the time, which you can feel, don't hesitate to tell this that he makes you happy.

You're the best one after my father: There are so many girls who see their father as idol for them self. You may tell him you're the one very important trust person, the best persons after my father. Boy friend are doing anything for their real love like they are caring more about her, they try to make their girl friend happy all time. They do anything which is the good for their girlfriend. Which probably has one person do in all life for her is her father. Fathers are very care about their child whatever she/he. But girls feel safe with his father. So, To make him happy by telling this trick will be great to him because he probably wants to get the positive comment about what he has done for you.

Tell him Thank you : He will definitely ask you why thank? What's the reason for giving him Thanks. Just tell your boyfriend that I thanked you for the gift of yourself that you gave me. You're one of the best and top gift of my life and I am very much happy to get the gift than any other thing in my whole life. My whole success and achievement could not be the same as the gift that I got you.

You look handsome: Who does not want to be handsome, smart, perfect? It gives the man special kind of thing. Smartness is really great for everyone. Handsome, smart boys are really attractive than the normal one. Boys are really wanted to make himself  handsome, attractive that will people tell them you're looking good or you're very smart. If you're the person who he loved, then who will not be happy by hearing from the soul of his life. 

Some phrase that you may use to make your boyfriend happy. But remember if there's any point which matched to you, then I will suggest you to use them. However, above are the enough and effective information which definitely will help you to make him happy and understand you what your boyfriend want to hear from your self.

You're so busy but you make time for myself. You're become so happy at my happiness. Your voice just grab my whole mind to hear words from you all the times, If true thing then tell it to make him happy. I need to talk to you before I go to sleep. You remember myself all of times which others may not do,If you feel this is true, then use this. You showed me how to live a life in perfect way when I am disappointing to anythings. You showed me how to struggle in life to get the best out of the competitors. You are very good thinker which help you to understand what i want which i don't share with you. You are the best one who can handle the situation of misunderstanding and make my self on the right way. Your mind is truly pure and clean. By whom I can understand what's life and love. Would you marry me ?



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